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Sethos Temple No. 170 Members

Code of Ethics

Imperial Potentate Raymond E. Jackson (1939-1955), Hadji Temple No. 61, appointed Noble Howard C. Gilbert, Alla Baba Temple No. 53 to establish a "Code of Ethics" for the Nobility in 1944.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, as citizens, to conduct ourselves with due propriety, conforming to our established laws, in cooperation with our nation, and its authorized officials.


WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to maintain exacting high standards in our respective community life, that "DEMOCRACY" may become a reality.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, along with other thoughtful citizens, to the promotion of modern and practical legislation enacted by any governmental agency, that will rebound to benefit our "AMERICAN" way of life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to support duly constituted authority, for the elimination of anti-social conditions, wherever found to exist, that we may enjoy a rich, round and fuller life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to morally support and encourage every social agency, who has for its purpose the maintenance of the highest ideals of the people of the nation.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to cooperate fully in disseminating "TRUTH", among all people of the earth, to the end that "DEMOCRACY" shall prevail forever, and the peace of every nation be preserved.

(source: History of the Shrine by Joseph A. Walkes, Jr., page 168.)

     Noble Scott Abdul-Salaam

     HPP Boyd L. Archie

     Noble Reginald T. Attucks

     Noble Christopher Baker

     Noble Quinton Boulware

     Noble James Branch

     Noble Byron Brown

     Noble Keith Browne

     IP Joseph Bruinton

     Noble Donald Buie

     Noble James Campt

     HPP James Chalmers

     Noble Beechie Charles

     HPP Wilson Collins

     HPP Glenn Cornelius, Jr.

     HPP James Davenport

     Noble Harry Davis

     Noble Reginald Davis

     Noble Javanna DeBerry

     PP David Dillard

     Noble Lavon Elliott

     Noble Johnny Glenn

    HPP James Gray

    PP James Greene, Sr.

    HPP Woodrow Haney, Sr.

    PP Clark Hanner, Sr.

     Noble George Hatcher

     PP Weldon Hay

     Noble Justin Hayes

     HPP Fred Henry

     PP William F. Hyman

     HPP Alvin Jackson

     HPP Linwood Jerald, Jr.

     Noble Kenneth Kirby

     Noble Herbert Liles

     PP William Little

     PP Paul A. Lowe,  Jr.

     Noble Christopher Manning

     PP Alfonzo Martin

     Noble David Martin

     HIPP James E. McLaurin

     Noble Ulise McMillian 

     HPP Willie A. McMoore

     Noble Reginald McNeill

     HPP Prescott Z. Mickens

     PP Thomas Mickens,  Jr.

     Noble Paul Miller

     Noble Louis Nelson

     Noble John Nesbitt, Sr.

     Noble Cornell O'Neal 

     PP David Peay

     Noble Robert Perry

     Noble Michael Pettigrew

     Noble Ben Piggot

     Noble Carlton Pressley

     Noble George Redd

     Noble Warren Renwick

     Noble Larry Roberts

     Noble Tony Roseboro

     Noble Curtis Roseboro, Sr.

     PP Edward Russell

     HPP Theodore Shields

     PP Billy Simmons, Sr.

     Noble Cassius Smith

     Noble Willie Stancell

     PP William Stevenson

     PP Dwayne Stover

     PP Leroy Trotman

     HPP James Walls

     Noble Albert Wardlow

      Noble Tyrone Willams

     Noble James Williams

     HPP Bennie Williams, Jr.

     PP Artis Woods, Sr.